Publications and Talks

A Criminal Sate: Myrna Mack v. Guatemala (2004)
Genocide and extreme racism: the case of Guatemala (2007)
From Legality to Impunity: prosecution for crimes against humanity in Guatemala (2008) Handbook: Discrimination as a crime, its elements. (2008)
Privacy and Human Rights (Guatemalan Chapter) (2007) (2008)
Developing Financially Viable Media in Emerging Markets (2010)
Global Mapping of Technology for Transparency and Accountability (2011)
Guidelines for Lima: How technology can improve public service delivery and encourage citizen collaboration (2011)
Mapping Digital Media in Guatemala (2014)
Women and Technology: a conversation (upcoming)
Upcoming talks
Global Cyber Space Conference (The Hague)
Re:Publica (Berlin)
South Bank Festival

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