Filming my first video ever was fun. It took me two hours to film 5 minutes. I did it.  By myself. With my computer. That is a screenshot of it.

It was exciting to learn a different skill, creative, exploring unknown areas and tools. I was surprised about the available tools. Friendly, easy to use…

But sadly “easy” is not necessary encouraging innovation, as usually “easy” comes with the “closed” or “proprietary” tag attached. Open and free video tools lack the financial capacity to support usability research and development, in most of the cases.

But not all is negative. At least “easy” is bringing a whole group of creators in. And those are creating value for expression, for access to knowledge, for activism, for intangible social value. Adding. More and more. Day after day.

And all creations together are powerful.

What are we going to do with such power? Just surround and give it away to corporations?

We can do more. But it will not be easy.